Ane Lykke




Commission: A modular system, integreted in architecture, as building elements. Development of artistic surfaces for the music halls, with acoustic and regulating effect. Development of the visual and aesthetic context for all 3 floors, of the Culture Center.

Year: 2008.

Developer: Albertslund Municipality

Engineer: Niras

Collaboration: DZR Architects



The Multifunctional Cultural Center Kulmøllen, Albertslund is a project by DRZ Architects.

The old heating plant in Albertslund will be transformed into a multifunctional cultural center. A place with various spaces and activities to play together - The working of the surfaces are developed according to the acoustic requirements of the music halls and aims to create a subtle differentiation in character between the various spaces with a visual and aesthetic context. The surfaces will be perceived differently depending on one's location; what is vivid and three-dimensional from close up will appear homogenous and flat from afar.




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