Ane Lykke


 REFLECTED LIGHT - Sitespecific installation in dialogue with Jørn Utzon architecture. Bagsværd Church


Year: 2017

Producer / Designer / Artist: Ane Lykke

Collaboration: Kurator Katrine Borup




The visible and the invisible are crucial in the installation in Bagsværd Church, materializing the light that enters from above, using color.


The sitespecific installation consists of objects formed by grids placed with a small distance to the wall, allowing the light to pass, and then to be thrown back from the back wall into the space. The light becomes visible - as reflected toned light and thus materializes.


It creates a poetic effect that, in Utzon's spirit, counteracts the installation's tight regular constructions that play with the existing modular system, and adds several stripes to the already multi stribed space.





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