Ane Lykke




 “My aim is to create a dialogue; a direct bodily connection with the surroundings” 


“I’m interested in the sense of presence, less static surroundings require a greater degree of presence and involvement. My work revolves around creating a connection between observer and object.

Through the interaction between light and layered three-dimensional structures I am exploring the different stages of light, expanding and separating the multiple layers, causing the different dimensions to communicate with its surroundings”



Ane Lykke has a vast experience creating site-specific works and large-scale installations in public spaces. The works are often three-dimensional, creating illusions of depth and infinity. Ane Lykke creates spaces and objects that engage the viewers and users. The works are artistic and at the same time functional with a long-term sustainable quality. Besides her site-specific projects, Ane Lykke investigates form, materials and the properties of light and shadow in her one-off pieces that are made for exhibitions, galleries and private collectors. Ane Lykke has received numerous awards, honors and grants for her work, including The Danish Arts Foundation’s 3-year working grant in 2010 and The Danish Lightning Award, 2012. At the award of the Danish Arts Foundation’s 3-year working grant, the jury stated:


“The key to the pure, serene beauty of Ane Lykke’s works resides in her superb ability to play with the transition between the statically two-dimensional and the dynamically three-dimensional.”


“With their restrained simplicity, Ane Lykke’s works enter the souls of passersby as an unexpectedly strong and unforgettable poetic experience”